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Ten Day Campervan Road Trip Around Bali

It’s a Ring Road campervan trip day! After picking up our Kuku campervan in Keflavik, we stopped at a grocery store to stock up on food for the trip, then we hit the road! We decided to skip the Golden circle and we started driving directly Southwest. If it is your first time in Iceland we highly recommend starting your campervan trip

! But we opted to go a bit more off the beaten track.

Swim at Hrunalaug hot spring

We started with Iceland’s favorite pastime - wading in warm, mineral-rich hot springs that soothe both the body and the mind. Hrunalaug hot spring was our obvious first stop. There were three different pools so the visitors could enjoy each pool separately. With the parking lot super close by, with less than 5 minutes walking, perfect for a late evening dip.

Stay at Árhús campsite

This campsite has full WC, showers, dining hall (open 24/7), free WiFi, barbecues, waste disposala dn even a playground for your kids ! The campsite is open during the summer period (from may to september more or less)

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